Life Feuchtwälder: English project summary

LIFE Feuchtwälder

Conservation and restoration of alluvial forests and bog woodland in Brandenburg

From 2014 to 2022, the NaturSchutzFonds Brandenburg [Nature Conservation Foundation of Brandenburg] is undertaking a LIFE Nature project for the conservation and restoration of alluvial forests and bog woodlands in Brandenburg (North-East Germany). The project includes 10 NATURA 2000-areas, located within three riverine systems. The NATURA 2000-areas are located along the upper Stepenitz (Prignitz), along the Upper Rhin including the Lake Stechlin District (Ostprignitz-Ruppin) as well as in the Middle Dahme Valley (Dahme-Spreewald). The overall area of the NATURA 2000-areas is 15.131 ha. 130 ha of alluvial forests (*91E0) and 25 ha of bog woodlands (*91D0) will be stabilized or restored.

Krummbach, NATURA2000-area "Stepenitz"

The foundation is supported by the Landesamt für Umwelt (Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture), the Naturschutzbund (NABU) (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) and the foundation Euronatur. € 5.1 million are available for the project. Three quarters of the budget are covered by the European Commission and one quarter by the foundation "Naturschutzfonds Brandenburg" itself.

Pine-bog woodland; NATURA2000-area "Dahmetal"

Das Projekt LIFE Feuchtwälder

In einem EU-LIFE-Projekt widmet sich die Stiftung Naturschutzfonds Brandenburg in den nächsten Jahren dem Erhalt und der Wiederherstellung von Auen- und Moorwäldern.


Ansprechpartner:              Michael Zauft (Projektleitung)

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